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For individuals with moderate needs to distill meetings and documents. 7-Day Free Trial. 30-Day Money Back guarantee.
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Up to 10 hours of call transcripts / month
Up to 10 text transcripts and notes analysis / month
100 AI Credits* / month
AI Chatbot to chat with data
Email & Intercom Support
For knowledge workers to harness the full power of conversation analytics. 7-Day Free Trial. 30-Day Money Back guarantee.
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Up to 25 hours of call transcripts / month
Unlimited text transcripts and notes analysis
250 AI Credits* / month
Customizable templates for varied meeting types
AI Chatbot to chat with data
Multi-Meeting Insight Query with AI
Email & Intercom Support
For large organizations requiring scalable and secure conversation analytics, tailored to fit their unique business needs.
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Everything in Pro + unlimited call transcripts
AI Credit volume discounts available
Enhanced security & data retention features
Team collaboration features
Custom integrations (Slack, Zendesk, ...) and API access
Dedicated Account Manager w Priority Support
On-prem solution availability

* What is an AI Credit?

An AI Credit is a token or unit of measure that represents a specific interaction or request with our AI-powered features. Each time you use a particular AI function in TMate, you'll spend a certain number of these credits.
How AI Credits Work:
Chatbot Interaction: When you pose a question to our AI Chatbot or use it to interact with your data, it will cost you 1 AI Credit for each question or command.
Insight Queries Across Meetings: If you want the AI to sift through and analyze multiple meetings for insights, the cost in AI Credits is determined by the number of meetings you're analyzing. For instance, analyzing 10 meetings costs 10 AI Credits.
Why AI Credits?
The credit system allows us to maintain fair pricing. It ensures that users who tap into our advanced AI resources more frequently, especially when processing large amounts of data, are using a proportionate amount of the system’s capabilities. At the same time, it offers flexibility for users who might have varying needs month-to-month.
Keeping Track:
Your current AI Credit balance, along with a history of your spend, can be viewed anytime in your account settings.
More Credits?
Running low? You can purchase additional AI Credits or upgrade to a package that offers more credits monthly. Please contact us for inquiry.

Got questions? We have got answers

Is TMate secure? How do you handle sensitive customer information?
At TMate AI, we take security very seriously. All data, including that provided by you and generated by AI from your data, is encrypted both at the database level and in transit. We also have implemented measures to comply with both GDPR and CCPA regulations. For third-party services that we use, like OpenAI, we opt-out of data sharing and make sure they don't track our and our customers' data. We also implement strict access controls to ensure that your data remains protected. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy on our website.
How accurate is the AI in extracting insights from  meetings and documents?
TMate AI is built on advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, including GPT-4 that powers ChatGPT, allowing it to deliver highly accurate insights. While no AI is perfect, we continuously work on improving our system to ensure that it doesn't provide unjustified or biased information. Additionally, our system provides references to the source material, allowing users to verify the authenticity of the answers and ensuring that the AI doesn't make things up.
What languages does TMate support for call transcripts?
TMate now offers transcription services in over 30 languages. This expansion means you can capture accurate transcriptions of your global communications without language barriers. Here's the full list of supported languages: Global English, Australian English, British English, US English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Finnish, Korean, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Catalan, Arabic, Swedish, Indonesian, Greek, Malay, Romanian, Danish, Norwegian, Thai, Croatian, Slovak, Tagalog.
What kind of data does TMate handle?
TMate has expanded its capabilities beyond meetings to support various document types such as notes and PDFs. This allows you to consolidate your knowledge base and streamline your workflows with the power of AI. More document type supports and third-party integrations are on the horizon, as we continually evolve to meet our users' needs.

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